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My Top 10 Favorite Video Games (Not In This Order)
1. Minecraft - This game is massive open world adventure game with endless amount of terrain. The only thing you do is harvest materials and try and survive, it may seem simple and boring but Minecraft will take up hours of your time.

2. The Halo Series - Halo is a highly enjoyable first person shooter, all you really have to do is shoot a bunch of aliens and try not to die.

3. Batman Arkham Aslylum/City - There are two Batman games and although they may sound dumb because it's Batman but this Action-Adventure game makes you feel like you actually are Batman when you're either pounding the crap out of Joker's henchmen or sneaking around a prison, this game will make you feel powerful.

4. The Elder Scrolls Series -  These games are massive open worlded adventure games, I didn't like Oblivion too much but Skyrim is one of my all time favorite games. You can be battling dragons or spending countless hours doing quests, this series is amazing.

5. Mass Effect Series - This game is epic. You can fly around space, do a bunch of missions, train your squad, and explore uncharted planets. The storyline is amazing and the gameplay is exciting, this game quickly became one of my all time favorite games.

6. Fallout Series - This game is alot like Elder Scrolls except that you're in a Post-Apocolyptic Wasteland and have guns and have to fight a bunch of raiders and mutants. I like this better than Elder Scrolls, but that's my opinion.

7. Fable Series - These games may seem childish but they're actually addicting. I spent alot of time in these games just exploring, making my character, and getting married. This game is highly enjoyable but alot of people refuse to try it.

8. Pokemon - These games may be for nerds but they take up so much of my time. Although I hate the new Pokemon, the games for Gameboy Color took up most of my childhood.

9. Portal - This game is higly addicting and enjoyable, it makes you think and try and figure out puzzles. The storyline is actually really good and messed up (meaning creepy).

10. Saints Row Series - This game is a comical innapropiate game that's alot like Grand Theft Auto. The difference is that it's more interactive, customizable, and just plain fun.
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These games are good. I like this list. :D

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