My next year goals!
This is my blog type thing for my goals for next year. My goal for next year is to get over 10 million high fives in 50 seconds. I guess that’s not practical so I’ll just say that I want a lot of high fives. I’d also like to pass 10th grade… and also punch Jarod in the mouth, wouldn’t that be fun? I think it would. I would also like to win the lottery and buy a lot of cool stuff. Cool stuff is cool; I also want to be able to control the weather… and the universe and stuff. I basically just want to do everything I want… if that makes any sense. Could I be principal? I doubt I’d be allowed to…. D-Rob won’t let me teach math he says “I’m not good enough for it” and that just makes me sad. So, I guess I also want to teach math like a math teacher and stuff. I’m supposed to fill this piece of paper blog stuff with 250 words so I think I should just ramble. Godzilla grew tentacles and got metal plating so she’s invincible and I must use my laser eyes that I get from winning the lottery to shoot through the metal plating and have Godzilla blow up and cover the city in strawberry ice cream. That’s what I want I guess… they’re pretty cool, I’m sure that they’re going to happen because I know science and stuff. Ya, that’s what I will do.


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